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Harrison First

The Garden Against The World

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Artist info

Harrison First is an artist, producer, and songwriter, based in Stockholm Sweden coming from New York that has cultivated a sound personal to him. He started out by building a sound for other artists such as SAINt JHN, Teflon Sega, and Stockholm based artist Ängie, which led him to start building a sound for himself and invite other artists to be a part of the experience. Evolving greatly in the past couple of years, Harrison has branched off into multiple genres of music during his exploration of different places in the world, ranging from pop, dance, edm, rap, alternative R&B, and contemporary music. Today Harrison First is currently working closely with music collaborators such as Stockholm based artist Angie, NJOL, and Leslie Tay, while also impacting the web3 music community and spreading his knowledge of music and innovation.
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April 25, 2022


3 years

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Staked NFTs

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500 $FIRST per NFT staked each month

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Private Discord Access

1 Decent NFT

Merchandise from Harrison's wearable collection, All Mighty First, on Decentraland

Decent NFT + 500 $FIRST

Share of streaming royalties for The Garden Against The World. Royalties will be paid out in increments of 500 $FIRST with a 500 $FIRST minimum. Fans must own an NFT at the end of the listing period and have staked that NFT for at least one month of the royalty listing period to receive royalties; those that stake the longest receive the most.


Access to the $FIRST AUDIO Vault, an exclusive collection of instrumentals produced by Harrison that creators can use in their NFT projects.


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