Don't just stream. Own.

The old system worked by taking rights away from artists. The new system will work by giving them more.

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the old model
music owned by centralized gatekeepers
the future
Music owned by artists and fans
This is our chance to be decent to artists by changing how music is monetized in the digital era.

Decent enables artists to receive funding from and build comminities with their fans by listing NFTs. Our mission is to accelerate artists' growth and help them own their careers.

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Support artists. Share in their success.



Musicians upload tracks and pick a percentage of royalties that their fans receive.


Artists release NFTs representing their uploaded songs, which fans can purchase to support artists and share in their success.


Through royalties and NFT trading, everyone is rewarded for helping the music and artists they love to grow.


Why build Decent?
Artists face significant barriers to entry in the music industry. Our mission is to accelerate artists’ growth to help them capture more value from their careers. Just as streaming platforms democratized audiences, we aim to democratize ownership and participation with Decent.
How do Decent's royalty NFTs work?
1. Artists commit a percentage of future streaming royalties for a fixed period of time.
2. Artists release NFTs through Decent that fans can purchase to support artists’ growth by providing upfront capital.
3. Artist royalties are held on-chain for transparent accounting within Decent’s vaults.
4. Royalties generate yield within Decent’s vaults during the committed period. Royalties are more valuable on Decent.
5. By holding artist NFTs, fans gain access to gated communities and rewards within Decent.
6. NFTs can be traded on the secondary market at any point. For some releases, Decent provides instant and guaranteed liquidity, so trading should occur on those release pages.
7. After the royalty commitment period expires, fans can redeem their NFTs with Decent.
8. NFT holders that redeem receive a free NFT for continued access to artists’ communities and a token of early fandom.
Why do you lock the royalties?
It enables NFTs to trade on secondary markets at the fully-weighted value of royalties collected over the commitment period. Distributing royalties during the period erodes the fundamental value of each NFT. NFTs would be minted with some expected amount of royalties in mind, and each trade following the first distribution would be for a smaller amount of royalties. Trading is important because it is how fans can realize the future value of royalties. With Decent's NFTs, every trade during the period should be worth more than the royalties that would have been distributed. Decent’s unique system gives artists and fans the best chance to capture the most value over the life of each NFT.
What’s in it for artists?
Artists receive upfront capital and, more importantly, a fanbase incentivized to work on behalf of artists. The combination of capital and services is how we decentralize record labels.
What’s in it for fans?
Fans can build their own label and be rewarded for discovering new artists and supporting their favorites in a way never before possible. Decent enables fans to engage on a level beyond just patronage - when fans support an artist, they should be actively rewarded for doing so.